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Logo made by Ron Stedman

Entrance to the studio

The 24-year-old Hessian and Trekkie Christoph Hees fulfills himself a desire... he shoots his own Star Trek fanfilm. The script exists since 1999. Christoph is a perfectionist and he leaves nothing to chance during the shooting. Everything has to be correct: he sets a high value on the setting, the uniforms, and on every single detail. Christoph and his team do everything themselves! They only buy things that really couldn't be made up.

Willi and Christoph discuss the script

Consoles and the door of the turbo lift of the bridge on Enterprise D

Not to betray too much of the plot: there are scenes on the Enterprise-D-bridge, on the classic Enterprise bridge, a Klingon bridge, shootings outside and several other settings.
The ship's crews rejuvenate by a weird incident.

The crew of the Enterprise D with "young" Kirk

Worf is having a nap before the next shooting

Mostly the settings are built and the shootings are made at week-end, as all actors are employed. Working with Christoph Hees as director and leading actor is really great fun! There is no limit to his ambition!

Director Christoph Hees takes to it like a duck to water

Our Kirk... isn't he cute?!


On May 6, 2003 a camera team of Paramount and actress Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar, TNG) visited the set of "Star Trek: The Legacy" to take pictures for the Star Trek documentation "Trekkies 2". Both sides were taken with each other! Denise Crosby and director Roger Nygard were absolutely facinated by Willi's resemblance to "Spock". The result of the shooting will be available on Video and DVD approximately mid of 2004. Then "Trekkies 2" will also be available in Germany.

Denise Crosby is listening prick-eared.

Director Christoph Hees welcomes Denise Crosby in front of the studio

The shooting of "Star Trek: The Legacy" will be finished approximately mid of 2005. Afterwards the finishing touches (cut, sound, recording) will be added. According to Christoph Hees the film will be seen on conventions and it is intended to publish it in the internet as free download for the fans.

The camera team of "Trekkies 2" is taking pictures of the bridge

The team of "Trekkies 2" poses on the bridge for a remembrance photo

The director of "Trekkies 2" Roger Nygard interviews us

Our Classic-Bridge under construction

Spock's Workstation


Shooting at the TOS Bridge

script study before we shoot the next scene

Spock discovers strange worlds

Uhura, Spock and Scotty

Short break with a "Tribble"

Spock at captains chair

The Bridge

Lt. Uhura

Kirk like always in the center

Kirk, Rand and Q

The TOS Bridge Set



Kirk disciplines Q

Kirk and Dr. McCoy

Chekov, Kirk, Sulu

at shooting break

Uhura, Spock, Chekov, Sulu

The TOS-Crew

TOS-Crew, Cameraman and Director

My last shooting day for "Star Trek: The Legacy" (october 15th 2005)

Make-up Artist Johanna

Kirk, Spock, Picard, Counselor Troi und Riker in the TNG-Shuttle

The set from outside view

Commander Riker und CounselorTroi

The crew inside the shuttle

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Star Trek: The Legacy